Financial Restructuring

Asgaard Capital Delivers Results

Asgaard Capital LLC has extensive restructuring experience and represents a range of clients across diverse industries including automotive, telecommunications, retail, defense, government, financial services, and real estate. We have a proven track record of success across a range of transactions including out-of-court restructurings and reorganizations, Chapter 11 Reorganizations, 363 Buysides and 363 Sales. Asgaard experts have worked with numerous high-profile clients such as Deloitte, Starband, Hancock Fabrics and J&L Specialty Steel, and have won national recognition for their success in financing and restructuring transactions.

In addition to the full suite of financial restructuring services we offer, we have long-established strategic partnerships with firms that provide operational restructuring services. This uniquely positions us to provide a full-service approach to solving the most difficult restructuring problems.